After 2 months of working from home with no real desk set-up, it felt like I had steal rods down my back and I couldn’t stretch away the tightness any longer. I was able to get an appt the same day I called and rushed on over. The doctor takes his time with you, feeling around for what’s wrong (in my case nothing but knots!!). He took X-rays, adjusted me, and cracked me till kingdom come. Just when I thought it was over, I followed one of the nicest ladies I’ve met into a little room where she massaged away the knots. She used a combination of heat, electric pads, cupping (first time, and I’m a believer), and her hands. I cannot recommend this place enough. My back feels like new and I can’t believe I waited so long to experience the magic of this office!

Andrea T.

Hands down the best chiropractic center I have been to. The staff is really friendly and DR Trujillo makes you feel right at home. Great with kids and best of all my 8 year old leaves his office with a smile as I can see in her face a sign of relief after her adjustments. Thank you for all you do.


Love this Doctor! Dr. Trujillo is the best at what he does, you come out of there new, the adjustment is incredible, I have come here and Doral office for about 13 years now- any time my back start to act up- is time to see Dr. Trujillo- he is so welcoming is like a family member “the power is on” he says!!! Ahh and his therapist team amazing!! Elena, Ania, and Gloria are incredible the best!

Claudia D.

Highly surpassed my expectations. The front desk is very well managed, patient and helpful. The Dr is highly intelligent, made me feel very comfortable (especially since it was my first time at a chiropractor) and was very thorough. Ran x-rays BUT did not go solely off that like many doctors do, and did a full physical exam. The environment of the office is busy but somehow not at all stressful, on the contrary it is very calm, and everyone seems very happy. The massage therapists are great as well. I highly recommend!

Melissa H.

I had a really positive experience going to Dr. Trujillo’s office. The staff is very professional, the process of consultation, tests and treatment was quite efficient, the office is very well equipped, the diagnostic was specific and clear and the pain reduction I experienced after treatment was such a huge relief. Very well done.

Alejandro G.

I had another chiropractor for years and I never thought I would find another one that was as good. Then I met Dr. Trujillo whom is amazing. I am glad I was directed to his office. His staff is very friendly and Dr. Trujillo is very knowledgeable. I highly recommend this office.

Frank G.

Excellent work excellent attention! Dr. Trujillo is very friendly and is always in a good mood. 😊 His team makes us feel like family.

Ellan C.

I met Dr. Trujillo when he opened his practice like 25 years ago if I’m not wrong. Since then he has been the chiropractor of all my daughters, my brothers and sisters and now my grandchild He has 2 locations one in Kendall and the other in Doral. As you see I highly recommend him. Go see him and say good bye to your back pain!

Runaway YacchtsLLC Charters

Been going there for years, will not go elsewhere. Trujillo makes you feel very comfortable and explains with patience your condition and helps levitate any pain you currently have. I usually go there when my sciatic nerve kicks in and can’t walk straight. I leave feeling much better and walking straighter after visiting Trujillo.

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